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Top 3 Reasons to Partner with a Fulfillment Center

By November 28, 2018 April 17th, 2019 No Comments

You’re storing your own product, maybe in your basement or at your company’s location.  It started off great, but now fulfilling the orders, managing stock, and keeping your website up to date is becoming a pain in the neck.  It might be time to outsource to a product fulfillment center!  Here’s the top 3 reasons our clients decided to partner with us for product creation and fulfillment:

  1. Removes the need to keep inventory in stock.  Lazy Fitter can take over stock responsibility for your apparel and various product printing needs.  Once integrated, we will manage the stock levels on your website and creation of the product!  Free up that space at your office, warehouse, or home.
  2. Manages customer disputes. Decide how hands off you want to be!  Should Lazy Fitter refund all dispute claims to free up your time, or should we keep you in the loop with refund requests?  We’ll work with your needs and develop a gameplan together.
  3. Never ship a product again.  Tired of running to the post office with new orders?  Want to reallocate the employee power required to prep orders?  Moving fulfillment to Lazy Fitter frees up you and your staff’s time to focus on new goals.  We create and ship your products for you, straight from our warehouse.

Lazy Fitter provides much more than a Fulfillment Center for your products.  Contact us for a free consultation / brainstorming session!  Let’s discuss various services we’ve used to help our clients, including: web development, ecommerce integrations, social media marketing, SEO, branding, product creation.

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